New videos taken from the DDPY app over at ddpyoganow.com

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  • Slow Burn & Exploding

    Great opening sequence using a series of lowering only push ups to get your chest and core pumped! A unique exploding lunge sequence to challenge your balance. 

  • Gator Sphinx Mania

    Part 2 of this series. Adding in some Gator variations to build strength, like Sphinx Push Ups and Gator Crunches.

  • Hot Chili

    Jim challenges your balance and flexibilty with this awesome Chill class.

  • Total body in 30

    A full spinal realignment from the Iron Yoga Doc himself. 30 minutes to stretch out the tension in your shoulders and upper back. 

  • Shoulder Burn

    A fantastic short but challenging workout based around shoulder strength. 

  • Super Body Flow

    A straght forward flow to work the whole body in a short time. 

  • Stand Up with Big G

    A fantastic Balance based workout with Uncle G! He takes you through some balacne moves that could be challenging even for the more advanced of us. 

  • Lunge, Kick n Burn

    Knee Droppers, Deep Twisting Lunge, Round House Kick, DR Chin Ups and Wrap & Burn make an appearance in this advanced workout. 

  • Salute the Road Warrior

    Great for those transitioning from Stand Strong to Energy. DDP takes you through several salutations as a flow then into Road Warriors.

  • YD Get's Weird

    A workout based around Road Warriors, some interesting trasititions make for a new flow. Ending with some deep hip and hamstring work. 

  • Low Blow, Easy Flow

    Focussing on Catcher, Plank and Push Ups and Broken Table. No Lunges. 

  • Mod Squad

    DDP leads you through a 30 minute beginner workout, that covers all modifcations clearly. A great beginner workout based around the openeing sequence to most of the DDPY workouts. 

  • Core Cracker

    Christina takes you through a challenging workout, that will have your core shaking by the end!

  • Chillin' Light

    A short but kcik ass Chill flow with Jim Mabes. Open up the Lower Back, Shoulders and Hamstrings here.

  • Alligator Planks

    Some more fun around Alligator and it's challenging variations. Closing out with a 1 minute plank. 

  • Gator Country

    A full intermediate workout based around Alligator and variations, no Push Ups.

  • Rock n Roll, Butt Blaster

    Rock & Roll makes an appearance to open up you hips early on. Quick Twitch Punches and Black  Crow make an appearance. Get ready to work those glutes hard in the Table sequence. 

  • Get Strong with G-Money!

    Strength building workout featuring Road Warriors, Broken Table, Broken Airplane, Side Planks and Core.

  • A Bit of Everything

    08.22.17 LIVE w/ DDP