This workout is a good starting point if you are having trouble with balance or standing for long periods of time. You will be working on getting your legs moving and raising your heart rate by using Dynamic Resistance.

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  • Stand Strong Diamond Dozen

  • Stand Strong 1

    In this workout, you will be on your feet using a chair to assist you with balance. Use this workout to familiarize yourself with using the chair. Without question, this workout will help strengthen your legs and get your heart rate up!

  • Stand Strong 2

    Adding just a little bit extra in this 19-minute workout, we walk through how to do lunges using the chair to help you balance.

  • Stand Strong 3

    We’ve cranked this one up a notch with a little more time and a new move that will get your heart pumping. This work- out will help you gain back some of that lost energy!

  • Stand Strong 4

    The fourth and final workout in the Stand Strong series! In this 21-minute long workout, continue engaging your muscles using Dynamic Resistance as you perfect your form in all the moves you’ve learned in this series.