Taking some of the most challenging workouts from our ddpyoganow.com app!

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  • Living in the Red Zone

    An EXTREME Workout that will challenge every part of your body. Be ready to Kick Your Own Ass with this one!!

  • Kickin' Old School

    Yoga Doc takes you through some old skool power DDPY. Broken Table, Broken Airplanes, Black Crow and Side Planks all make an appearance. 

  • Harrier Jet

    At no point does your chest hit the mat in this extreme workout. Lots of Push Ups along with Wrap & Burn and Can Opener. 

  • Double Black & Diamond Cutter Hybrid

    A solid advanced workout from Christina. Great for those workout Diamond Cutter and Double Black Diamond. Expect some deep lunge phases, Banana Splits, Can Opener closing out with Chiristina's Core routine. 

  • Get Twisted & Split

    Yoga Doc's old skool power yoga with DDPY. The Black Crow tutorial makes a regualr appearance.

  • Sweatin' Swearin', Shoulders & Legs Flailin'

    A Sweatin' & Swearin' class with Christina. Work the Shoulders and Legs hard today. Enjoy a balance challenge with Round House Kick. Open the hips with a deep Can Opener.

  • 100 Push Up Challenge

    Hit that 100 Push Up target through this 45 minute killer workout! 

  • Terrible 10s

    Terrible 10s.....need I say more! 

  • The Black Crow Workout

    3 long Black Crows, Side Planks and Exploding Push Ups will have your Chest, Arms and Shoulders on FIRE!!

  • Hard & Heavy Technical Package

    Challenges for every part of your body, including the addition of Package Broken Hood Ornament.